18 Apr

Employee Spotlight: Sumit Agawane, Data Analyst, India satellite office of Atlas Group

Employee Spotlight: Sumit Agawane, Data Analyst, India satellite office of Atlas Group

Twenty-five-year-old Sumit Agawane may be short on years but he’s definitely long on experience. The Mumbai University commerce graduate joined the company as data analyst for the Newspaper on Demand Division in February 2015, and he’s been assigned at the satellite office of Atlas Group in India.

Not new to hard work, his good work ethics earned the nod of Edgar Theodore, Atlas Group director for operations and head of the Newspaper on Demand Division, who recommended that the Mumbai native be featured in this issue’s Employee Spotlight.  This thrilled Sumit no end. He says this is his proudest moment so far with the company.

Sumit’s scope of work covers processing orders and making invoices, preparing sales reports, and managing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) database.  A typical work day for him starts with a cup of green tea, followed by discussions with his superiors regarding the tasks assigned to him. He says his background working in the BPO sector exposed him to different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ERP systems, which makes his current job so much fun for him.

With proper billing a vital aspect of an organisation, Sumit says this is what makes his job very challenging as the invoicing must be meticulously prepared.  The Newspaper on Demand Division supplies 75-plus international newspaper titles daily to major hotels and airlines in the UAE, making the back office in India an important link in the company division which has experienced major expansion in recent years.

“I have known Sumit for the last six years. We already worked together prior to getting employed at Atlas. He is an impressive worker, very dedicated. I don’t remember him being absent from work,” says Manish Talreja, sales manager for the Newspaper on Demand Division.  It was in fact Manish who recommended Sumit for the data analyst post.

Sumit says it’s his first time to work at a multinational company like Atlas Group and the fact that the company employs different nationalities, some of whom deal directly with Sumit through calls and emails, excites him even more.

After a long and tiring day, Sumit unwinds by spending time with friends and listening to music.  He also likes to play cricket and volleyball and watch movies during his free time.  He dreams of going to New Zealand to see its scenic views and experience adventure sports like bungee jumping and skydiving.

In 5-10 years, Sumit, whose bucket list includes completing his management studies, sees himself “working at a managerial level” doing what he loves best.

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