18 Apr

Company divisions present tasks, workflows

Company divisions present tasks, workflows

The Atlas Group management has taken steps to keep employees in the loop in terms of products and services that the company offers as well as expansion plans that are in the pipeline this year. 

Each division within Atlas Group presented its tasks and workflows through a series of 30-minute Powerpoint presentations.  The sessions allowed each division to give a rundown of how it is performing, share best practices and success stories, and workflow issues. 

The divisions’ presentations are meant to raise awareness among employees of how each division contributes to the bigger picture.  Operations Director Edgar Theodore said these half-hour meetings are part of the management’s synergised efforts to help employees understand the main goals that the company is striving for.  

One of the most immediate takeaways after the sessions is the sense of pride in knowing what Atlas Group is capable of.  Research shows that pride in the company is a key factor in higher employee engagement.

The meetings also served as a “pep talk” for the sales teams, with Commercial Director P.R. Dilip giving tips and encouragement to sales executives on how to keep existing clients and approach potential ones.  He said that while there is stiff competition in the print market, there are so many things that make Atlas Group unique and that the sales teams should highlight these when speaking to prospective clients.

The company owns various state-of-the-art machineries, including the 5 machines acquired specifically for digital printing requirements, the newest being the Xerox iGen 5 press. 

“With all these machineries at our disposal, Atlas Group is one of only a few printing presses in the UAE which can handle all the client’s printing requirements,” said Usman Shaikh, head of the Commercial Printing Division. 

According to Theodore, more sessions will be conducted over time to keep employees better informed about various aspects within the company.  After each session, employees were allowed to ask questions and give feedback about the division’s products and processes.

A meeting of the company’s Sales & Marketing team on January 2 kickstarted these sessions.   Discussed during this meeting were the challenges and feedback about the overall printing market scenario, the company’s ISO certifications, and the digital and media solutions offered by the company. 

Also covered during the sales meeting were the unique projects that Atlas Group has undertaken through the years, as well as non-print products and services that can be used as additional revenue streams.

Usman Shaikh, head of the Commercial Printing Division (left), and Atlas Inflight Resources (AIR) Division Manager Manish Talreja (right) explain how their respective divisions handle projects and deal with pressures.

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