18 Apr

Atlas Group acquires new IGEN 5 platform

Atlas Group acquires new IGEN 5 platform

Atlas Group is as bullish as ever to fortify its digital printing dominance and continue revolutionising the way printing is done in the region by securing the latest and the best machines on the market.

The company has further bolstered its fleet of cutting-edge machines by acquiring the Xerox iGen 5 press which boasts key features such as fifth-colour option and improved press uptime. The press also offers multiple speed choices:  the 150pp iGen5 150, the 120ppm iGen5 120,  and the 90ppm iGen5 90. 

Combining automation, productivity, quality, and flexibility in one platform, the iGen 5 press is considered a true game changer in the printing industry.

 “This state-of-the-art, configurable platform works excellently for both short run commercial printing jobs and short run packaging jobs.  With everything changing to digital, iGen 5 makes printing faster, easier and more efficient,” said Atlas Commercial Director P.R. Dilip.

The iGen 5’s flexibility minimises wastage in the offset machine.  Its optional fifth colour unit allows users to supplement the CMYK four-colour model.  This provides a broader colour spectrum for the operator to play with and match the client’s specifications, allowing the company to take on more colour-critical jobs.

This newest acquisition is in line with Atlas Group’s thrust to solidify its status as a key player in providing digital printing solutions in the UAE.  The game plan involves strengthening all aspects of the company from staff to production and delivery of goods to equip Atlas Group with the competitive advantage to thrive in a cutthroat printing market.

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