19 Dec

Atlas Christmas Party 2015

Atlas Christmas Party 2015

It’s not every day one sees the usually stern-looking P.R. Dilip wearing a fancy Santa hat running downstairs and back in record time, or the usually reserved Shreya popping balloons with glee. Even Pradeep AV could only stand helpless as colleagues wrestled his red necktie off of him. Then Amarjeet yells, “Bring me Dilip’s wallet!” and all hell broke loose as everyone rushed inside Dilip’s room in search of his wallet as if it was the holy grail.

Congratulations to the Accounts Department for winning the Best in Christmas Costume award, and to Jixen Thomas for being game enough to come as a human Christmas tree, winning hands down the individual award for Best in Costume. Lucky Pradeep AV won twice in the Bingo game that Amit joked about barring him from it the next time.

For a little over an hour, the Atlas Family let their hair down in the spirit of Christmas. What a fun way to cap a fruitful year! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!


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