08 Jun

A revolution in the magazine publishing sector of Kenya!

A revolution in the magazine publishing sector of Kenya!

A revolution in the magazine publishing sector of Kenya!

The current highly competitive business landscape has motivated a major publishing company to take up the challenge and follow the digital route.

The Dubai based Atlas Group, which owns the magazine titles, Healthy Woman, Healthy Child and MALE are pleased to announce the launch of the first magazine app in the region as their titles go totally digital from August 2017.

A revolutionary concept that is not existent in East Africa for this business model, an app called “Magazeti” will be the platform through which the three titles are published, and it will be completely free for all their readers.  Hence, loyal readers will now receive  the bestselling titles in Kenya along with a complete lineup of Podcasts, videos and real interviews with “influencers” within the Kenyan context. From health to politics to the arts…the reader will have a wide choice to enjoy the relevant content at their own leisure. This unique concept will be a first of its kind.

Atlas Media Communications, the media arm of the group, is based in Dubai and is today recognized as the digital print production house with the largest capacity in the Middle East. The production facility comprises of a host of digital web and sheet fed presses and the company has a capacity to print up to half a kilometer of variable data print in full color every minute. Operations director, Edgar Theodore commented, “the transformation was to bring an enhanced experience to our readers. We had also noticed that an increased number of readers have been consuming the content digitally and with all the distribution problems encountered in the region, with problems in accountability of sales and lack of discipline amongst the vendors, we were encouraged to take the content to the next level of engagement.”

The magazine Healthy Woman reaches out to a new generation of women - those who are combining successful careers with family life, who strive to look and feel great, physically, mentally and spiritually. Healthy Woman readers want to feel good and look fantastic, but it’s not about being a size zero. We know that a sensible exercise regime and well-balanced diet will make you happier, healthier and stronger. Looking and feeling good, both inside and out, have little to do with cosmetics and high heels (although we do help our readers embrace their glamorous side!), and while life can be stressful and there’s never enough time, balance is achievable. Healthy Woman will focus on what you can do, right now, to improve your lifestyle and overall wellbeing – from fitness, sex and relationships, health matters and weight loss, to beauty and style, food and nutrition and so much more...

Healthy Child seeks to reach a generation of women who are seeking practical parenting solutions that are tailored to the Kenyan family lifestyle. It will focus on all types of family life-the single working mum, the two parent home, the housewife, education, social challenges, health, nutrition and expert advice on all key areas relating to raising a child from birth all the way into young adulthood. The Healthy Child reader can expect to find a platform for sharing real life stories on motherhood, with advice from professionals within the country.

We aim to create and solidify a healthy relationship between parent and child. The reader will be inspired by the positive side of parenting that we strive to encourage. We will be the friend that stands beside them as they go through the milestones of parenthood and a fulfilling family life. Whether a full- time housewife or a career oriented woman she admires and invests in quality fashion and beauty products and likes to indulgence herself. She is looking for advice on healthy living, on both the personal and family front. She wants solid and practical advice from experts – no gimmicks, just tried and tested solutions for a healthier, more fulfilled parenting life.

MALE is aimed at the discerning Kenyan man. Successful, intelligent, sophisticated and professional- he is confident about his social standing. The MALE reader knows what he likes: he dresses for himself, can order with confidence in the best restaurants, has a healthy respect and admiration for women, takes holidays that enrich his life, and has both the means and the knowledge to invest. MALE aims to help its readers engage in a richer, fuller, more meaningful life. With expert writers, the best stylists and renowned photographers, MALE will provide advice and commentary on the issues that Kenyan men really want to know about - politics, gadgets, sports, investments, fashion, music and more. MALE will set the bar when it comes to living a cultured, stylish existence.

The long- term plan is to offer our platform to other local and international publishers as well, as we have already incurred a huge investment cost in developing the app across IOS, Android and web and can offer a fantastic experience for the reader at a very nominal cost. The app has been under construction since November last year, and with the fine tuning and commissioning expected to be complete by end July, it will be launched in Mid-August,2017.

Do write in to sm@atlasgroupme.com in the meanwhile.

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